About Us

HANDS off Our Great Britain, Our World, Our NHS

We are Called The Space Navies because we care about The Future of Every Place & Person on the Earth

This Beautiful Planet is Yours. It belongs to every one of you. We think we need to protect your World from people who would harm it.

Gigantic Global Corporations. Governments who would sell Your Land to them.

The Current British government of the conservatives (Tories) is at present selling Your National Health Service to United states owned  Global Pharmaceutical Corporations.

What will they sell next, your child’s school, your home, your job. So much for the tory brexit. 

Your Great Britain will have left europe only to become the latest United States Slave plantation.

Fight For Your Brexit. Make the government do what You want. 

Leave The NHS in British Hands and properly fund it.

The Space Navies Wants Equality & Justice


What is Wrong with Great Britain is that it is still a land of inequality & injustice where the Class Divide still Hurts all ordinary people.

The Rich get Richer and all the rest of us pay for it.

They enrich themselves at our expense

They STEAL our wealth from us

by manipulating laws & rules to make you pay more taxes than the Rich who use full time highly paid accountants to find every loophole they can and defraud the treasury of trillions of pounds every year.

The Space Navies Wants A Land Worth Living In


Give a message to those who would Rule You that You neither want nor need rulers.

Tell whoever would be a government that 


You Demand

1: An Excellent Fully funded national Health Service.

2: Good and powerful Powers to protect YOUR World-Land-Country from Polluters/Despoilers.

3: DECENT standards of living for all. A heavy tax on the rich. Make them pay back what they stole from you.

4: A  modern fully integrated publicly owned transport system with free travel passes for All.

5; A modern publicly owned energy utility with FREE energy for ALL.

6: A modern fully resourced publicly owned education system with FREE education cradle to grave. Every school independently governed by parents and teachers. Each school fully funded with extra funding for special projects. Each child fully funded individually.